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17 Nov 2016: prosthetics news, videos, reviews of the day

11:03 AM Chinese Engineer created 3D-printed artificial robotic limb which costs $950

Chinese Engineer Chang Hsian-Liang has developed 3D-printed artificial limb that is controlled by using force sensors, it has an automatic safety cut-off and ultra-silent motor. He presented his device at a news conference in Taipei on Sept. 19. Chang Hsian-Liang decided to design his own prosthetic arm after losing his right arm in an accident. His electronic prostheses cost $950, weight 650g and are controlled by force-sensing resistors and cogs.

Chinese Engineer created 3D-printed artificial robotic limb that costs $950
credit: Chen Ping-hung, Taipei Times

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5:29 AM Paralyzed ALS woman now can communicate with other peoples by operating speech computer with her mind

The researchers of the UMC Utrecht have placed a brain implant in a paralyzed ALS woman, that lets to control a speech computer with her mind without using of her muscles. Electrodes are attached directly to the woman’s brain to pick up brain activity. Now Hanneke de Bruijne can select letters on a screen by moving her fingers in her mind, and brain implant translates changes of the brain signal into a mouse click to select each letter in the words, which are then spoken by the speech computer. She can now communicate at home with her family via the implant.

A brain implant is enabling woman to operate a speech computer with her mind
credit: UMC Utrecht

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05:27 AM 14 year old Jacob Smilg constructed a communication device for his friend with disabilities

14-year-old Jacob Smilg has created a device for his brain injured friend Ethan Kadish to more easily communicate with him after Ethan was struck by a bolt of lightning in the summer of 2013 at summer camp. As the result, his heart stopped and due to brain damage, he can not speak and even breathe on his own. Jacob constructed a simple device that displays YES or NO on the LED screen when Ethan press one of two buttons mounted onto his wheelchair.

“With my device, Ethan can more easily communicate with a group and having real conversations makes him overjoyed,” says Jacob.


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