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18 Nov 2016: prosthetics news, videos, reviews of the day

06:03 PM Bioniks company launches prosthetics crowdfunding campaign “Real Life Superheroes”

Revolutionary biomedical 3D printing company Bioniks from Pakistan launched a crowdfunding campaign “Real Life Superheroes” on the Zingohub platform to give kids with disabilities free superheroes prosthetics! The campaign makes a positive change in the lives of children by giving them the superhero prosthetic of their choice.

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04:00 PM Bionic Eyes: a short review of modern technologies that can make blindness a thing of the past.

Modern bionic eyes review

Scientists from all over the world are working hard to create a good bionic eye that can make blindness a thing of the past. For today there are a number of bionic eye implants. For example, Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System is used by peoples who has advanced stages of retinitis pigmentosa. The device is a camera mounted on a pair of glasses and electrodes implanted into the retina. Argus II transmits a picture from the camera to the retinal implant, which stimulates the optic nerve so the brain can process it.

Another bionic eye is Orion I, it can be used by people whose lose vision due to cancer, diabetes or glaucoma. In such cases, retinal stimulation will not work because of optical nerves are dead. So, Orion 1 implant is attached straight to the brain and the patient is able to discern lines, spots and colored flashes.

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10:00 AM Video: Innovations in Prosthetic Technology

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