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20 Nov 2016: prosthetics news and videos of the day

05:20 PM GMT Researchers had made significant progress in developing bionic kidney

Scientists have created a membrane of human cells that can be used as an artificial kidney implant. It filters out bad molecules just like a real kidney doing. Tests showed that the cultured cell layer of the human kidney filtration system functioned as a living membrane.

An artificial kidney implant
credit: Darwin NWE Mail

Devices based on such membrane could someday replace traditional kidney transplants, and patients with kidney failure won’t have to use the bulky dialysis machines to filter their blood. Dr Dimitrios Stamatialis, the lead researcher from the University of Twente, said:

“This study shows the successful development of a living membrane, an important step towards the development of a bio-artificial kidney device”.

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01:20 PM GMT 14-year-old Rishabh Java developed bionic arm, which was selected as “Best Innovative Project” on the Gulf 3D Printing Olympiad

14-year-old Rishabh Java, a student from Gems Millennium School, has designed a 3D printed bionic arm and demonstrated its functionality on the Gulf 3D Printing Olympiad, which was organized by the Gems Wellington Academy in Dubai Silicon Oasis by Atlab. Rishabh’s bionic arm was selected as the “Best Innovative Project” of the year. More than 75 teams took part in the competition.

The mind-controlled bionic arm by Rishabh Java
credit: The Gulf Today

Java developed a low-cost mind-controlled bionic arm that has interface with the nervous system and can be controlled by human’s mind. It uses electroencephalography to read brain’s electrical activity and translates it to simple motions of an arm: shake hands, pick up objects and others. Read more>>

12:05 PM GMT Bionic Arm Armor Tutorial by David Guyton

David Guyton, whose hobby is making armor in his own garage, shows how to create a cool bionic arm in metal. But it is not a prosthetic arm for people with disabilities, but just a very beautiful part of the fantastical armor.

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