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An Affordable 3D printed Prosthetic Hand for kids

Intel and 3D Systems Make an Affordable Prosthetic Hand 3D
Stylish 3D printed Prosthetic Hand by Intel and 3D Systems

There is no doubt that 3D printing is the future of prosthetics. The good news is that even big companies have joined the process of creating new affordable prosthetic solutions for people with disabilities. For example, Intel and 3D Systems have designed an affordable prosthetic hand special for Daniel Hobbs, 11-year-old boy, who was born without hand because of a congenital malformation of his left arm. As already mentioned, high-end prosthetics cost thousands of dollars and need to be often replaced as the child grows. And that’s why 3D printing would offer an affordable alternative for children with disabilities.

Intel and 3D Systems made 3D printed prosthetic hand for an 11-year-old boy

3D Systems Applications Engineer Evan Kuester made 3D scan of Daniel’s arm and designed for him an amazing prosthetic hand that is lightweight (weighs less than two pounds) and looks stylish. All its sixteen individual movable pieces were 3D printed by Systems Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) hi-tech printer. Daniel’s new prosthetic hand doesn’t require any power and costs only $400 total.

Daniel Hobbs and his new prosthetic hand
Daniel Hobbs

Evan Kuester talking about designing Daniel’s 3D printed prosthetic hand:

Source: Intel.

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