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Atom Limbs is testing the first mind-controlled prosthetic arm

[Photo: Atom Limbs]

Some modern prosthetics require users to flex their muscles to make basic movements. An Atom Limbs arm prosthesis taps into the signals the brain is sending. The artificial hand is connected to a bracelet that can read muscle signals in an amputee’s stump, so that person can move, tap, and squeeze artificial fingers simply by thinking. The prosthetic, loaded with 200 sensors, also gives users a sense of touch as they grasp an object. The Atom Limbs prosthetic arm can lift 45 pounds.

The company is now working on a new soft structure system to make the arm more comfortable to wear than older prosthetics. In the next year, Atom Limbs plans to begin tests of the newest version of the arm with amputee patients, while at the same time it launches a robotic version for industrial use in factories.

The company plans to bring the mind-controlled prosthetic arm to market in 2023. After that, the startup will develop a similar mind-controlled prosthetic leg.

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