Exactech, Inc. has announced new Vantage Total Ankle System

Exactech Inc., Vantage Total Ankle System.
credit: Exactech, Inc.

Exactech, Inc.engineers have developed an innovative total ankle design that combines both anatomic talar and tibial components. It provides the anatomically shaped implants to minimize bone resection while treating patients who suffer from arthritis in the ankle. The Vantage Total Ankle has a surgeon-friendly anatomic design to improve implant’s function and longevity. In the process of developing researchers of Exactech, Inc. has studied many scans of the patient’s ankles to determine the optimum anatomic shape for new implants that could minimize bone resection and to increase fixation of the prostheses.
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The $80 prosthetic knee for poor people

An affordable prosthetic knee for only $80
Krista Donaldson at TED talks, image credit: TED

D-Rev engineers headed by Krista Donaldson have done the ReMotion Knee, an affordable prosthetic knee for above-knee amputees. The team’s goal was to give a chance to lead a better life for people who are an amputee and are living on less than four dollars a day. A high-end prosthetic knee costs about 20000 dollars, it has a microprocessor inside and can pretty much do anything. A low-end titanium knee is a four-bar mechanism that mimics a natural human knee, but it costs about 1500 dollars.
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