The $80 prosthetic knee for poor people

An affordable prosthetic knee for only $80
Krista Donaldson at TED talks, image credit: TED

D-Rev engineers headed by Krista Donaldson have done the ReMotion Knee, an affordable prosthetic knee for above-knee amputees. The team’s goal was to give a chance to lead a better life for people who are an amputee and are living on less than four dollars a day. A high-end prosthetic knee costs about 20000 dollars, it has a microprocessor inside and can pretty much do anything. A low-end titanium knee is a four-bar mechanism that mimics a natural human knee, but it costs about 1500 dollars.
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Beautiful prosthetic leg covers by The Alleles Design Studio

Beautiful prosthetic leg covers
Stylish prosthetic leg covers for amputees

Alleles, a Canadian-based design studio, creates a variety of beautiful and fashionable prosthetic leg covers for amputees. The company transforms traditional prosthetics from an unattractive medical device into a stylish accessory uniquely suited to individual customers. Here you can order online any of ready-to-wear prosthetic covers or a team of The Alleles Design Studio will make a unique one special for you. Alleles prosthetic leg covers cost between $245 and $528 per item.
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Clara Gardner plans undergo osseointegration surgery

Clara Gardner arrives for an appointment with prosthetist Thomas A. Mesick
Clara Gardner

Clara Gardner has suffered severe injuries and permanent disabilities in a car crash. It took place in 2008, when she was just 16 years old. Clara was hit by a drunken driver who was going very fast at 50 mph. And she lost both her legs from the knee down in that tragic car accident. After the accident, Clara Gardner spent three years in a wheel chair. For the past four years, she had tried to walk using traditional prosthetic legs with a socket attachment system. But socket prostheses are heavy, painful and difficult to fit. So she decided to find a new kind of prosthetic legs that would allow her to walk again comfortably and without feeling pain. But when Clara Gardner heard about osseointegration she had hope of a future with much less struggle.
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