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E-NABLE makes affordable 3D-printed prosthetic hands for kids

e-NABLE makes free prosthetic hands for kids
e-NABLE is a network of volunteers using 3D printing to give the world a “Helping Hand”

E-NABLE volunteer organization was founded by Jon Schull, researcher at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). Jon has connected hundreds of volunteers from around the world to create wonderful cheap prosthetic hands for kids. E-NABLE does not have a central office and does not own any real property. All volunteers are connected and work together through the Internet. They are using 3D printers and open-source technology to print the movable plastic hands. The team of volunteers helps kids and adult with low income to get an affordable prosthetic arm.

Free prosthetic hands for kids

If you need a prosthetic hand or want to be part of the volunteer team, then visit the link for more information. E-NABLE produce movable plastic hand individually for each client. And their prostheses cost about $50! Generally traditional prosthetics cost thousands of dollars, some private companies offer similar established prosthetic hands for $45,000 and more. This is the shocking difference in price! Prosthetic arm needs to be often replaced as children grow. Therefore, the value of E-NABLE volunteer organization, which offers free prostheses for children, can hardly be overestimated. All the plans are open access and available online. Anybody that can get access to a 3D printer, can print a hand at home.

Jon Schull, e-NABLE
Jon Schull, founder of e-NABLE. Coordinator, Access & Collaboration Technologies, RIT.

“You know, I like to say, that there are three essential ingredients here. One is the 3D printer. Another is Internet technology. The other is good will. You put these three together and you really got a very powerful solution”, Jon Schull, founder of e-NABLE.

Short video from filmmaker Charlie Nordstrom about e-NABLE:

Free prosthetic arms
You can print prosthetic hands at home
Prosthetic hands for kids
The prosthetic arm cost $50
e-NABLE prosthetic hands cost $50 and are easy to customize
Free 3D-printed prosthetic arm

Launched from RIT just one year ago, e-NABLE combines 3D printing with crowdsourced collaborative innovation and service. They’re changing an entire industry. Traditional prosthetics cost tens of thousands of dollars. Their hands cost tens of dollars and are easy to customize.

Images from e-NABLE blog.

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