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Engineer Lyman Connor created an affordable robotic hand

The Mano-matic bionic hand
Photo by Guerin Blask

Lyman Connor, General Electric engineer, has created an affordable robotic hand, which demonstrates the functionality of the modern high-end electronic prostheses. He started working on the Bionic Hand Project in his own home three years ago and his goal was to create a complete solution, that would be much more affordable than similar high-end prostheses, which cost about $50,000 – $70,000. Connor has developed the Mano-matic prosthetic device, based on the open-source Robohand project (low-cost prosthetic solutions), that are developing with the assistance of the international engineers’ community.

The Mano-matic device consists of an electroencephalogram, that reads electrical activity of patient’s brain, and of a microprocessor, that wirelessly receives brain’s impulses and translates them into commands for the prosthetic hand to make different movements. Connor’s Bionic Hand can easily do simple motions and grasp everyday objects, such as a tv-remote or a cup of water.

Bionic Hand Project by Lyman Connor
credit: Bionic Hand Project

Lyman Connor said:

“Basically, I started out with a mechanical hand and built on that multiple iterations, multiple versions, with the end result being a fully-functional bionic hand”.

Promotional video on his work:

Source: Bionic Hand Project.

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