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Inflatable mind-controlled prosthetic hand

MIT inflatable arm is light, soft and costs only $500 (photo credit: MIT and Shanghai Jiao Tong University) MIT and  and Shanghai Jiao Tong University engineers have...

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Atom Limbs is testing the first mind-controlled prosthetic arm

Some modern prosthetics require users to flex their muscles to make basic movements. An Atom Limbs arm prosthesis taps into the signals the brain...

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John Amanam’s Hyper-Realistic Prostheses

Photo by John Amanam/Instagram John Amanam is making hyper-realistic prostheses. He decided to go into prosthesis making after his brother was involved in an accident...

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The new deep brain stimulator for Parkinson’s disease patients

Parkinson’s disease patients in Ohio received the new deep brain stimulator Parkinson’s disease patients in Ohio received the first new deep brain stimulator (DBS), which...

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The era of brainwave controlled prosthetic devices is coming

Recording devices were implanted on patient's head to receive brain signals from the sensorimotor cortex. Researchers at the Crick, Stanford University and UCL have developed...

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