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The era of brainwave controlled prosthetic devices is coming

Recording devices were implanted on patient's head to receive brain signals from the sensorimotor cortex. Researchers at the Crick, Stanford University and UCL have developed...

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Better way of connecting prosthetic body parts to nerves

credit: Wikipedia Zhenan Bao of Stanford University in California has discovered that the electrical properties of specific types of nerve cell in living animals may...

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Purdue engineers look to revolutionize the feel of prosthetics

credit: YouTube Biomedical engineers at Purdue University aim to expand biofeedback, such as temperature and pressure, available to prosthetic users, thus enhancing prostheses functionality. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9_H9hvs3qI

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A new Intel’s computer chip mimics human nose to smell

credit: INTEL On Monday, scientists at Intel’s Neuromorphic Computing Lab published a paper in Nature that describes a new computer chip design to mimics the...

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The NEBIAS prostheses reduce amputees’ phantom limb pain

credit: Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Wikimedia Commons Phantom limb pain is a phenomenon where amputees can feel very intense pain. That's why making...

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