Robotic limb allows drummers to play with three arms

A wearable robotic smart limb
The robotic arm attached to the shoulder

A wearable robotic smart limb was developed by Georgia Institute of Technology engineers and researchers. It allows a musician like crazy drummers to play with three arms! This robotic smart arm can be attached to a drummer’s shoulder and responds to his body movement and arm gestures. Additionally, a wearable smart limb responds to the sound of the music, it hears and automatically rises or slows down tempo of its movement.

A wearable robotic smart arm

Gil Weinberg, director of Georgia Tech’s Center for Music Technology, says that smart robotic hand learns how your body moves and can augment and complement your activity, because it becomes a part of you. The concept of a third arm would augment you and allow to do things that you couldn’t before. The idea is that machines are not separate from humans, but are becoming part of humans.

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