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The $80 prosthetic knee for poor people

An affordable prosthetic knee for only $80
Krista Donaldson at TED talks, image credit: TED

D-Rev engineers headed by Krista Donaldson have done the ReMotion Knee, an affordable prosthetic knee for above-knee amputees. The team’s goal was to give a chance to lead a better life for people who are an amputee and are living on less than four dollars a day. A high-end prosthetic knee costs about 20000 dollars, it has a microprocessor inside and can pretty much do anything. A low-end titanium knee is a four-bar mechanism that mimics a natural human knee, but it costs about 1500 dollars.

An affordable prosthetic knee for only $80

The ReMotion Knee is a low-end prosthesis, which has been designed specifically for poor people. Its mechanism is a single axis, it rotates free, has a pylon and a foot. The ReMotion Knee is a polycentric artificial limb, that acts like a human knee, mimics human gait and costs only 80 dollars! D-Rev team designed an affordable prosthetic limb to have the greatest range of motion of almost any other knee on the market.

Krista Donaldson and the ReMotion Knee
Image credit: Huffingtonpost

Here is Krista Donaldson speech at TED talks:

D-Rev is a non-profit product development company focused on the needs of the poor. D-Rev design and deliver world-class, affordable health technologies.

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