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The hi-tech 3D-printed arm

3D-printed prosthetic arm
3D-printed Metal Gear Prosthetic

25-year-old gamer and amputee James Young lost his left arm and left leg in a rail accident in 2012, after falling under a train in London. Special for James London-based prosthetic sculptor Sophie de Oliveira Barata (the founder of the Alternative Limb Project) and the Japanese game developer Konami have designed a futuristic prosthetic carbon-fiber arm that costs £60,000. The 3D printed hand was built with help from robot hand developers at Open Bionics.

3D Printed Metal Gear Prosthetic

Hi-tech 3D-printed arm is controlled by sensors that detect specific minute shoulder movements. Mr Young’s new prosthesis allows him to move synthetic arm, take a cup or bottle, shake friend’s hand and even move fingers. In addition, there is a USB port for charging gadgets like phones and a small screen for displaying email, Twitter and Facebook feeds. James Young can upload data (pictures, movies) to a miniature display panel on his bionic wrist. Thus, this synthetic arm is really a hi-tech device.

3D-printed Metal Gear Prosthetic
Prosthetic sculptor Sophie de Oliveira Barata
Sophie de Oliveira Barata and James Young
Hi-Tech 3D-printed prosthetic limb
3D-printed prosthetic arm
James Young a futuristic prosthetic arm

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