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The Rex Bionics developed Robotic Legs

Rex Bionics exoskeleton
Robotic legs for people with mobility problems

Rex Bionics, New Zealand based high-tech company (was founded in Auckland), has developed cool robotic legs for people with mobility problems, who have lost the ability to move their own legs. This robotic legs are self-supporting exoskeleton that helps people with paralyzed legs sit, stand and walk again. The exoskeleton is fixed to a patient’s leg with straps and it can be controlled by the console that has a screen, a few buttons and a joystick.

The Rex Bionics developed Robotic Legs
Photo credit: Rex Bionics

The Rex Bionics wants to capture a market segment of wheelchair users with a spinal cord injury, who number more than 500,000 in the US and EU.

Source: Rex Bionics.

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