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This BrainRobotics prosthetic hand is controlled by the brain

BrainRobotics robotic prosthetic hand is moving by your thoughts, it is now under FDA approval and will cost about $10000, which is about six times cheaper than high-tech prostheses from other companies with less functionality.

BrainRobotics prosthetic hand moves with your mind
You can move BrainRobotics prosthetic hand with your mind.

BrainRobotics new prosthetic hand uses AI algorithms to adjust to each patient. It processes brain waves and human muscle signals to coordinate the movement of the prosthesis. Max Newlon, president of BrainCo USA, said engineers have come up with a new way to understand electrical signals coming from the brain to the amputated limb, which helped to understand the user’s intentions much more clearly. Using AI-based software, the user trains the prosthesis, teaching it to respond to electrical signals to perform an unlimited number of gestures.

This means that the amputees can now individually adjust the prosthesis to their own body. The more you use the BrainRobotics hand prosthesis, the better and more realistic your movements become.

Another major advantage is the low price. A smart BrainRobotics hand prosthesis costs $10000 – $15000. While the robotic prostheses of competitors cost about $60000 and offer less functionality. Max Newlon said you can buy this innovative robotic prosthesis for the left and right hands later this year.

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